Sunday, November 25, 2018

Holiday Studio Sale

The holiday studio sale is coming right up.  I am out in the studio practically all the time, decorating the now-bisqued and glazed work.  As I go along, getting more and more done, I get more and more ideas.  That's how it works!  Here are some photos, and the information for the sale:

Holiday Show and Sale 2018 
Ann Tubbs Pottery Studio 

Ann Tubbs &;Margaret Mazur 
Friday, November 30:  12-8 
Saturday, December 1:  10 - 4
 a selection of maiolica pottery from my year's efforts.  


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tiling the Chairs

I have had two metal chairs for a number of years, and I am finally going to get them tiled. I finished the tiles about five months ago, and then I had to have the chairs sand-blasted, (there is a business, locally, that will do it), and then I primed and painted them. 

First of all, I got Bruce to help me take apart the little ice cream chair he’d gotten me. I had cut a piece of hardiboard to hold the tiles for the seat, so we had to remove the back and legs to glue in the hardiboard. Did we photograph the chair before we took it apart!? And did we have differences of opinion when putting it back together? No and Yes. After I glued the hardiboard in, we reassembled the chairs, and I re-painted the metal.

putting the chair back together

the ice cream chair, upside down on the work table, with my Dad's old tools on the seat

Tiles are ready to go as soon as the touch up paint dries. The image is from sketches of blue gentian, loosely interpreted.  When I get the second chair ready to go, I will post photos of both the chairs being mortared onto the seat area. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Work has been sent to Red Lodge, MT

I've shipped a box of pottery out to Red Lodge Gallery, MT, and with the help of Jill Oberman
Curator and Gallery Coordinator, the work is now online:

I also have some work on the etsy site:

Otherwise, it's work as usual in the studio, since fairs are quickly approaching, and I have been taking a little too much time finding homes for the two stray kitties from this last winter.  Otto is about to go to his new home, and then I can fire the kiln, again......

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The 5X5 Fundraising show at Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, Santa Barbara

Dear 5x5 Artists,
Thank you again for your generous contributions to our 5x5: Celebrating 80 years exhibition and auction! We are busy installing the work and it looks wonderful!

Many of you have asked us about the status of our opening reception scheduled for this Thursday. Because of our proximity to the unfolding disaster happening here in Montecito, the limited access to campus, and since we currently don't have any running water, we have decided to postpone the reception for a future date.
Here is the revised exhibition schedule:
Thursday, January 11th - The exhibition will go live online and will be open to bidding. Please see our website at for details.
Tuesday, January 16th - We plan to resume regular hours in the museum and will be open beginning at 10am.
Thursday, January 18th - Gallery reception from 4-6pm. Come see the works in person with your fellow artists! We hope that you will join us for cake, coffee, and hot chocolate. 
Friday, January 26th - Auction ends promptly at 5pm.
We look forward to seeing you in the museum!

Friday, December 8, 2017

An Idea for a New Glaze Pattern--the Oak Leaf

The first pie plate

 A pie plate (part of an order) came out of the kiln that was unloaded the morning of the opening of the holiday studio sale (always the last minute, just one more load eagerness!), and I really liked the results.  I put it aside so it wouldn't be on the sale, since I had three other perfectly good pie plates for my customer.  When she came, however, she spotted the oak leaf one, and liked it best.  And since she is a good customer, and has a good eye, I let it go, taking a couple of photos, first.  The brown color I use for the leaf is an odd one, and I am not sure how to reproduce it.  Did I put some barnard clay into it?  Or some RIO?  Will I be able to reproduce it when it's gone?  You can see how much is left in the third photo:  it's the brown half-full container just behind the big platter, with the brush sticking out of it.  Maybe this will truly be a limited edition.  The brown breaks up, nicely, even though it looks dark and dense when I paint it on.  I also put some chartreuse, and a little copper carb., and sometimes some orange, on top.  The very outer edge of each of the pieces has a very pale yellow, and the decorative band has sage and leaf green leaves, with a little dot of ochre, and some chartreuse swirls.  I have been saving oak leaves for many years, and periodically use them as patterns.  This is the most successful, and repeatable rendition.

Finished work from the following kiln load.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thanks, everybody!

Studio Sale, completed!   Thank you, everyone, for coming out to see Margaret and me, and all our work! We really enjoy seeing you, and talking with you, (and hope that we weren't so scattered that we didn't have time to concentrate!) Now, it's back to work for me, with orders, and one more sale up in Ann Arbor, next weekend:  Art on Adare.  And if you are in Ann Arbor, don't forget to visit the wonderful Clay Studio, as well, where I have taught, and which is having a show in conjunction with the Winter Art Tour in Ann Arbor, MI.  We wish you all the best this holiday season!  (What, no photos, this time??...)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Demonstrations at the Studio Sale

Tomorrow is the start of the Holiday Studio Sale and I will be demonstrating twice, each day.  On Friday, I'll throw face mugs, and talk about them, at 2 pm.  Then at 4 pm, also on Friday, I'll construct some slab-built oval casseroles (like the ones I posted on this blog in a three-part posting:,

a little oval casserole with legs

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Red Bird District Art Walk: 1 & 2 December

The businesses in downtown Sylvania, Ohio, have branded themselves, collectively, as the Red Bird district, and have been having openings every first Friday of each month.  December, 2017, is no exception; celebrations are being planned!  I have work in the Hudson Gallery, on Main Street, and, though I won't be there (my studio sale's first night is the same day), my work will be on display.  (and online: Here is the link for the Hudson Gallery's Art Walk:  
     Meanwhile, back in the studio, I'm loading another glaze kiln.  Here are the tiles for two small tables. They still need the black outline around the leaves and lemons, and a touch of red and blue.
Tiles for tables

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New Paint Job on the New Look to the Studio's Front Display Wall

New look to the front wall, formerly peach-colored

My go-to dictionary in the studio (Mick Casson, a wonderful potter from England,on the cover)
   My Studio has had an upgrade this fall.  I took down all the white shelving, and re-painted the peachy color which had been there for 15+ years.  It's now a charcoal, or, as my friend,Denise, said,  Graphite.......  Then I bought Ikea shelving, and with a bit of what my husband and construction guru calls 'discussion', we hung three of the shelves, managing to get them reasonably level, and hooked up to the studs.  He had bought me a stud-finder, but I couldn't figure out how to use it, and found the old 'pound a skinny nail into the wall to see how easily it goes in' technique to be more useful.  And since we were the ones who built the studio, many years ago, who knows how on center those studs are, anyway.   I then found a recipe for making your own chalk paint on Pinterest:  2 cups paint to 1 cup Calcium Carbonate --- CaCO3   otherwise known as Whiting.  Most all potters have lots of that.  And it's an ingredient in my maiolica glaze. After I let the mixture sit for a while, I then sieved it with an old paper sieve from the drug store.  No good pottery sieves were ruined.  I drew a rectangle on the wall, and painted at least 3 coats on. Then I lightly sanded it, and 'seasoned' it, by rubbing chalk over the surface, and then wiping it away with a barely damp sponge.  Voilà!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Doing the last USPS mailing for one of my studio sales (while visiting in Chicago)

 i've almost finished with the mailing  (stuffing envelopes, putting on stamps, sometimes writing a little something.  So many names, so many memories!  I am hoping to transfer customers to the electronic emailing service!

glaze firings for the next studio sale:

   December is almost here; time for my studio sale.  Here are some before and after the glaze firing photos of large bowl/chargers.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

What Comes Out of a Glaze Kiln?

two large, long platters


large oval platters

edge tiles, strips, and a bowl to be refired

I am firing large platters for an order taken last fall, along with some smaller pieces.  The kiln was fairly closely packed, but not overly so.  In and around the larger pieces were the little scotch tumblers, in the second photo, and the strips and edge tiles which will finish off the top edge of the backsplash I've been tiling in the kitchen  (with the subway tiles I made).  In addition, in the last photo, there is a bowl that will be re-fired.  There was a small area on the upper edge where the glaze had been rubbed off.  I touched it up with fresh glaze while it was still warm from the kiln. Now, everything, except the tiles, gets sanded on the bottom (where the red clay shows), and then priced.  My first fair is coming up!---

Sunday, March 13, 2016

two more soap dishes

Working on a few more ideas for soap dishes.  These do not have the little bars across the inside base, but the next ones will.  No holes, though.  The long, low one is made using an extruder die, and it turned out to be (the die, that is) a one of.  Though I got a number of pieces out of the extruded lengths, the die broke during the extruding.  My next post will be about the problems I am dealing with (and the body tests I am doing) when the clay body I have been using for a number of years no longer performs as it used to.  Phooey!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Soap Dishes

I am making soap dishes--trying all sorts of shapes, and different ways of allowing the soap to drain.  Over the next few months I will be posting some of the results:
about 3" by 3"

also about 3" by 3"
and the backs of the three, trying out different feet, and patterns.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

upcoming workshop in Ann Arbor:

2763 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.

Ann Tubbs
  2-day Majolica workshop at Clay Work Studio
Day 1 - Saturday, Feb 20, 1 PM to 3 PM - Making a plate or shallow bowl with Yiu Keung Lee
Day 2 - Saturday, Feb 27, 10 AM to 3 PM Glazing/Painting plate made on Day 1 with Ann Tubbs.

All material and lunch on Day 2 are included. Fee: $120. Call (734)604-7596 or Email to register.  Limit 20 participants.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

First Friday Art Walk in Sylvania, OHio

This Friday, I am going to be in an impromptu showing at Frogtown Computers, on Erie Street, in Sylvania, OH,
during the First Friday events held by the Downtown Sylvania business district,
which is now called the Redbird District.    Think Valentine's Day!   The hours for the First Friday event are from 5 to 8 pm. 
Frogtown Computers is owned by Erik Russell, and he specializes in Apple Macintosh Repairs, PC Malware/Virus cleanup,
Windows Re-installs, as well as  Free Computer and Electronics Recycling. His business is located at:

6565 Erie St.
Sylvania, OH 43560
If you haven't had a chance to tour Sylvania, during a First Friday, this coming Friday would be a great time! 
Here's a link to the event:
See you there!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

new decoration (from old ideas--)

pepper platter, peppers:  September, 2015
I recently visited our friends, Robert, and Renée, who have a beautiful garden!  Just before I left, Robert picked some of their hot peppers for me---and I took them home to the studio (the kitchen will be next)!  The peppers' bright colors and shapes reminded me that I had done peppers about 15 (was it that long?) years ago, and it was time to revisit the idea.  I still had a square pepper plate hanging on the wall, so I took a close look at it---wax on the pepper form before the color, shadows under the peppers.  And to this I added the use of current ideas:  a new form I have been working with (the long oval, which was the shape of the landscape platter), a higher temperature for the glaze (cone 3), a pale purple for some of the shadows, especially under the yellows and oranges, and a more complex glaze recipe.  Here are some pictures of the peppers, and of the pepper platter!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

only two fairs, this summer!

Time for a break!   I will only do two fairs, this summer, and the first is fast approaching!  It is the Crosby Gardens Festival, at the Toledo Botanical Gardens, in Toledo, Ohio, and is held on the final weekend in June.  The garden grounds are a beautiful setting, and the artists and visitors, alike, are treated with respect and inspiration!  Hours, on Friday, are from 6 til 9 for the artists, and 6 to 10 for those who have purchased the $75 entrance ticket.  On Saturday, the hours are from 10 until 7, and on Sunday, 10 until 4.  Visit the Garden's website for more information on entrance fees, parking, shuttles from parking, and handicap service.  or

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I have had two pieces accepted into the Michigan Ceramics 2014 Exhibition!

tulip holder

hanging landscape platter

The MCAA Biennial Exhibition and Competition is taking place this fall--October 17 to December 31, at the Saginaw Art Museum in Saginaw, MI.  The reception and awards for exhibiting artists will take place on October 17th, and on October 18 there will be a workshop with the juror, Andrea Gill.  The show will then move to the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City from January 25 to May 17, 2015.  More information is available at the Michigan Ceramic Art Association site: (latest news:  I was awarded the Functional category award!)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The residing of the studio is done!

A number of years ago we began residing the old T-111 on my studio with stained cedar clapboards.  Yesterday, with the help of the three Bieber young men from down the road, we (is that the royal 'we', again?) finished the final side! Yea! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the new iBook about pottery is ready!

I am in a new iBook, all about pottery in the United States, now available for the iPad and other types of internet downloads---here is the information: 

The little oil jar that has been on my postcard, and in the Symphony ad for the Toledo Symphony, is one of the pieces that was chosen for the 3-D display!  I hope you will enjoy it!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

raising money

 This is the second of two fundraisers in which I have participated---for the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, in Santa Barbara, CA.  Their fundraiser is called 5X5: Celebrating Five Years, and will be on view the first two weeks of September, 2014. This year I did several sketches in watercolor, sitting at the edge of a small, person-made pond in Suttons Bay, MI, after the fair, there--and painted the fish, reeds, and frogs (who came up onto the stones next to my feet and sat in the sun while I painted.  I had been given a 5"square of Rives BFK  paper, along with a stamped, hard cardboard envelope, in which I will mail back the finished work.  You should be able to click on the museum's name, above, and be able to go to their site and see more of the work!.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 2014 Ann Arbor Fair

Seems like all I am doing, lately, is uploading show information......  By fall, I should be a little more 'squared away', with all the work needed to be done to keep my business going, and I will have some time to work on the blog and etsy. We have been tearing apart (and putting back together) our old farmhouse kitchen, and I am going to be making tiles for the counter and backsplash.  For now, though, it's fair season, and the big one is coming right up!  My booth is A-257--the same place as last year, near the bell tower.   I have some new shapes (generated from several orders that I was working on this winter).  One is a long oval, a press mold shape whose form I got at Rovin's, last year.  I'll post some photos of it, soon. 
here are some links to the art fair, itself:
The official #AnnArborArtFair app is here, so download it now!
Android users:
iPhone users:

Monday, March 31, 2014

Potters for Pets: a fundraiser

Manabigama Pottery Center's photo.
OK, everybody--we are working really hard to get pots ready for this event!!! Make sure you put it on your calendar, and come out to see us!!  The event, itself, is free; money towards the two non-profits will come out of the potters' sales and donations. Help us make a difference!  For more information, click on the Potters for Pets link below the colored ad: (or, here:  Potters for Pets ) Though that may be just for fb members.  The sale is at Manabigama Pottery Center, 13270 Bishop Rd., in Bowling Green, Ohio, on Saturday, 5th April, from 5 to 9 pm.  Hope to see you there!  (Plus,I have a new, long, oval platter form--this will be its debut!)
Potters for Pets
Saturday, April 5 at 5:00pm
Manabigama Pottery Center in Bowling Green, Ohio