Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 2014 Ann Arbor Fair

Seems like all I am doing, lately, is uploading show information......  By fall, I should be a little more 'squared away', with all the work needed to be done to keep my business going, and I will have some time to work on the blog and etsy. We have been tearing apart (and putting back together) our old farmhouse kitchen, and I am going to be making tiles for the counter and backsplash.  For now, though, it's fair season, and the big one is coming right up!  My booth is A-257--the same place as last year, near the bell tower.   I have some new shapes (generated from several orders that I was working on this winter).  One is a long oval, a press mold shape whose form I got at Rovin's, last year.  I'll post some photos of it, soon. 
here are some links to the art fair, itself:
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