Thursday, May 14, 2009

thursday, work---Meghan's a great cook!

Thursday we started off waxing the bottom of the bisqued tiles Ann had unloaded from the kiln yesterday, after which I spent the majority of the time rolling slabs and cutting all the tiles for the first section of the fireplace. The tile cutting went much faster than I thought, so I'm going to have to get working on the design for the rest of the fireplace. Tonight I'll be finishing up the detail work on the hand cut tiles (flowers and leaves) so they can start drying. It's coming along pretty well so far! I glazed a few tiles before I left today which we'll be decorating tomorrow. And, as a warm up for the decorating, we spent a little time out in the garden today watercoloring...a little sun is always nice!

kiln unloading and glazing

Meghan has been making good progress, both on her own work, as well as on the general studio jobs. From the unloaded kiln of yesterday, we waxed the bottoms of the pots, dipped them into water, and then glazed them. Tomorrow, we decorate!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday in the studio

Today Ann showed me how to finish the tiles we made yesterday by smoothing the edges and giving each tile a slight curve to keep them from warping. After finishing the tiles I got to work planning out the fireplace surround for my dining room. Ann suggested I work from a lifesize layout, so I spent today cutting out a template for each type of tile I plan to make. For the last part of the day I began drawing the tile patterns onto the large template, with the help of my new buddy Paulie. I'll finish up the templates at home tonight and tomorrow I'll have time to start cutting out more tiles.

Meghan working on patterns for a tile fireplace surround

Paulie checks out the work

Wednesday is Meghan's second day, and she's really doing some interesting work! On her agenda is a tile surround for the fireplace in her family's home, so she began work on life-sized drawings and patterns of the site--Paulie had to check out the progress, of course, since it was raining outside, and Paulie doesn't like the rain.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

meghan starts work!

Having never made tiles it was interesting to learn how-- perfect timing too since my mom and I were talking about making tiles for one of the fireplaces at home. I'm excited to see what all Ann has in store for me. I've got clay under my nails again; life is good : )--- Meghan

Today was the first day working with Ann in her studio, along with her small collection of cats. There is just something about being warned to look for kitty litter in the clay before rolling out a slab! Being a cat person myself, I think I'll fit right in. We started today by recycling and pugging some clay, and after our lunch break we began rolling out slabs to make tiles from.

first day with Meghan in my studio

Today is Tuesday, 12 May, 09, and it's the day that Meghan Walton started her work as student intern in my pottery studio! She'll be journaling through emails, and I'll be adding photos to show you what she's doing, and how she's learning about what goes on in my pottery. She brought one of her vases made at Adrian College this year, showing her drawing of an iris on a porcelain vase.
We are going to be building on her interests and strengths as someone who knows how to draw, and who is interested in clay--so keep in touch for more news! and for more views of Zippy the studio cat!