Wednesday, July 6, 2011

it's summer!

the farm road across from my studio where I ride my bike

the farm, this year (with the roof/walls painted on the barn)
A year ago I did some sketches of the farm road across from my studio, where I walk and ride my bike, and, in winter, cross-country ski.  It's not 'exciting', but it's safe (very little traffic....) and it gives me time to ruminate when I'm working out a problem in the studio.  Here, for the farm tiles, I used 6" by 6" tiles, and mounted them in a frame which I'd backed with a piece of luan plywood.  The outer design of the image is a variation on the pattern that is on the floor tiles in the home where my nephew lives, in Lerici, Italy. The corn, which is growing on either side of the lane, is now high enough that I can't see out!