Monday, February 18, 2013

Oval forms: final finishing work-----Part three

a. smoothed and ready for the handles
Here is the final explanation of the making of an oval form (hand built, not using the wheel).  The first two parts, # 1, here, and # 2, here, are used to illustrate the way one might work through this project.    And now for the third, and last part:  once the clay oval form has dried enough to pull away from the walls of the plaster mold, I can gently lift it out.   I now have to smooth the outer joint between the walls and the base, as well as the joint at either long end where the two sides came together.  Sometimes a little extra clay can be added to make the joint area smoother.  In addition, the underside of the base is pressed in, to give it an area which will be glazed (see illustration 'c').
Then I pull long coils, and twist two together.   Two lengths are cut simultaneously, so that they will be even, and with a little vinegar I add them to either end of the casserole form (illustration 'b').  These are the 'braided' handles.
b. adding the handles
the finished leatherhard form
c. the under side of the casserole, which is glazed and decorated..