Thursday, January 23, 2020

Winter Vases

a vase for winter flowers
Vase shapes have a variety of requirements:  they can't leak water onto the grand piano; they shouldn't tip over; they should show off the flowers in a way that doesn't overwhelm.  My thoughts for this form were along the lines of displaying an arm full of chicory in bloom, along with the queen Anne's lace that blooms in the same ditch along the roadside in August.  Our vegetable garden has lots of French chicory, planted by our son about twenty years ago.  Its ephemeral blue blossoms are a rare blue during the yellow summer. 

The larger vases are thrown in parts, with the first section removed from the wheel so that it can be footed before the more delicate top areas
are added.

 Handles are added last. 

Then, after the group is finished and photographed, I begin to pick out the aspects I felt worked well, so I can make more, and build on what I've learned.