Saturday, December 12, 2009

In 1958 I was given a penpal from Finland!  Her name was Raija and she was studying English; I, French.  We wrote to each other steadily for ten years, through high school, college, and her marriage and birth of two sons, while I went to graduate school.  In the following thirty years, we lost track of each other, until Bruce received a grant from the school where he was teaching, so that he could travel to the International Horn Symposium in Lahti, Finland.  I wondered (since I was going to go with him) whether or not I would be able to find Raija again. When I wrote to her old address, she was still there!  We were able to visit with her during our trip in 202, and we continue to write. She has recently retired and has been drawing, more.  Over the summer she sent me a postcard with her artwork, which I then put onto a tile, now on it's way to Helsinki.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


After the party's over, Paulie relaxes for a little snack.  Thank you, everyone, for supporting our efforts!  I'll be mailing work out to the gallery in Red Lodge, Montana this week, and delivering to the American Gallery in Sylvania, OH, and will still have work for sale in my studio.  About mid-week, I'll begin to decorate for the next glaze kiln firing, finishing up the ornaments that our customers decorated during the sale, and working on tiles and the rest of the plates and bowls.