Sunday, November 25, 2018

Holiday Studio Sale

The holiday studio sale is coming right up.  I am out in the studio practically all the time, decorating the now-bisqued and glazed work.  As I go along, getting more and more done, I get more and more ideas.  That's how it works!  Here are some photos, and the information for the sale:

Holiday Show and Sale 2018 
Ann Tubbs Pottery Studio 

Ann Tubbs &;Margaret Mazur 
Friday, November 30:  12-8 
Saturday, December 1:  10 - 4
 a selection of maiolica pottery from my year's efforts.  


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tiling the Chairs

I have had two metal chairs for a number of years, and I am finally going to get them tiled. I finished the tiles about five months ago, and then I had to have the chairs sand-blasted, (there is a business, locally, that will do it), and then I primed and painted them. 

First of all, I got Bruce to help me take apart the little ice cream chair he’d gotten me. I had cut a piece of hardiboard to hold the tiles for the seat, so we had to remove the back and legs to glue in the hardiboard. Did we photograph the chair before we took it apart!? And did we have differences of opinion when putting it back together? No and Yes. After I glued the hardiboard in, we reassembled the chairs, and I re-painted the metal.

putting the chair back together

the ice cream chair, upside down on the work table, with my Dad's old tools on the seat

Tiles are ready to go as soon as the touch up paint dries. The image is from sketches of blue gentian, loosely interpreted.  When I get the second chair ready to go, I will post photos of both the chairs being mortared onto the seat area. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Work has been sent to Red Lodge, MT

I've shipped a box of pottery out to Red Lodge Gallery, MT, and with the help of Jill Oberman
Curator and Gallery Coordinator, the work is now online:

I also have some work on the etsy site:

Otherwise, it's work as usual in the studio, since fairs are quickly approaching, and I have been taking a little too much time finding homes for the two stray kitties from this last winter.  Otto is about to go to his new home, and then I can fire the kiln, again......

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The 5X5 Fundraising show at Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, Santa Barbara

Dear 5x5 Artists,
Thank you again for your generous contributions to our 5x5: Celebrating 80 years exhibition and auction! We are busy installing the work and it looks wonderful!

Many of you have asked us about the status of our opening reception scheduled for this Thursday. Because of our proximity to the unfolding disaster happening here in Montecito, the limited access to campus, and since we currently don't have any running water, we have decided to postpone the reception for a future date.
Here is the revised exhibition schedule:
Thursday, January 11th - The exhibition will go live online and will be open to bidding. Please see our website at for details.
Tuesday, January 16th - We plan to resume regular hours in the museum and will be open beginning at 10am.
Thursday, January 18th - Gallery reception from 4-6pm. Come see the works in person with your fellow artists! We hope that you will join us for cake, coffee, and hot chocolate. 
Friday, January 26th - Auction ends promptly at 5pm.
We look forward to seeing you in the museum!