Saturday, May 21, 2011

oh, no! I broke it!

Paul Linhares' mug (which I broke!:()

Steve Smith guards door at Wooster (is that an aura?)

About a month ago I was dragging something heavy (a plant pot, no doubt) across the porch, and I heard a crash!  I had vibrated one of my favorite mugs off of the potting table and onto the big pickle jar of Pete's that sits out on the porch!  Too Bad!  But it made me first think of an earlier post in which I talked about clay bodies, and then about going to Wooster, OH for the Functional Pottery Workshop.  The mug was one of Paul Linhares' ( his website:, who also fires a red clay body to cone 2, as I do.  Of course I bought another mug from him at the workshop, and then I asked him (again) about which clay body he was using--and he said that it was Laguna's EM 106.  I had mistakenly identified it in a previous blog as being from Standard Clay, which also has a very smooth, non-grogged red body  (103).  So I hereby stand corrected!  I still have to test more clay, however......