Saturday, October 31, 2009

hallowe'en visitors!

After I'd gotten the handles on the mugs, our friends, the Ligibels, came over...with a surprise visitor!---Ted's mom, Angela---a.k.a. the Fuller Brush Woman! She'd been visiting her grandkids' school, and was still in costume---what a great Hallowe'en Treat!

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Projects

I'm beginning several new projects, though they are forms which I have done, before: mugs (drying upside down, and without their handles), both short and tall; tiles for an outdoor round table, which I hope to have finished for my December sale; and garden rabbits. The rabbits are a more involved form, so I will be showing some of the phases in the next few posts, and talking a little more about how they got started. The body of the rabbit is thrown, so what you see, here, is a collection of five rabbit body and head forms on end. They began as an extension of some pottery which belonged to a woman whom I was taking care of, and who owned a set of Dedham Pottery ware. She was Helen Tee-Van, an artist from the '20's, and lived near me in Connecticut. to be continued.....


Monday, October 26, 2009

autumn, around the studio and house

Fall is here, and I AM working in the studio, though lots of work has to be done in the yard, as well. Our maple in the front yard is once, again, a glorious golden color--always a surprise after a spring and summer of green. (We don't, apparently, have very long memories.) In the studio, I am throwing plates, bowls and mugs, and rolling slabs for platters. A young woman who lives down the road is starting to work with me making tiles; photos will follow towards the end of the week.