Sunday, February 13, 2011

the Show at the Clay Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI

Monica and Shirley, to the left and right of me
Just before the start of February I took my work in to the Clay Gallery in Ann Arbor to set up for the month-long show I was having  (Jan 30 - Feb 28th).  I'll continue to be in the gallery through March, but the show in their 'gallery space' was February.  Monica Wilson and Shirley White-Black helped me set up, with shelf-hanging expertise from Yiu-Keung Lee, and post card help from Donna Williams.   In addition, Marcia Polenberg introduced me at my talk on Sunday, and will be writing an article for Ceramics Monthly.   Lots of expert help!
Monica  looks for holes in the wall to spackle
Fletcher's Dream--a porcelain clay notebook
 Here are some photos of the setting up---Monica contemplates the next hole in the wall that needs filling, spatula in hand, and Monica, Shirley and I discuss how to handle the numbering of work on the wall.  No job is ever done alone, and it's always great to have good advise and help!  I decided to take in two of my clay notebooks, and the porcelain one is pictured, here "Fletcher's Dream".  For those of you who heard me say that I was going to have more masks done  (Randy..)  I apologize.  I just didn't have time.  I'm thinking, though, that I will get two more masks made in time for the Toledo "Art-O-Matic", in late March!  Hope springs eternal.....!!