Saturday, September 26, 2015

new decoration (from old ideas--)

pepper platter, peppers:  September, 2015
I recently visited our friends, Robert, and RenĂ©e, who have a beautiful garden!  Just before I left, Robert picked some of their hot peppers for me---and I took them home to the studio (the kitchen will be next)!  The peppers' bright colors and shapes reminded me that I had done peppers about 15 (was it that long?) years ago, and it was time to revisit the idea.  I still had a square pepper plate hanging on the wall, so I took a close look at it---wax on the pepper form before the color, shadows under the peppers.  And to this I added the use of current ideas:  a new form I have been working with (the long oval, which was the shape of the landscape platter), a higher temperature for the glaze (cone 3), a pale purple for some of the shadows, especially under the yellows and oranges, and a more complex glaze recipe.  Here are some pictures of the peppers, and of the pepper platter!