Tuesday, December 14, 2021

After the sale of 2021

New work is posted, now, on my Big Cartel site:  https://anntubbspottery.bigcartel.com/products

Ah!  The studio sale is over, and life goes on in the pottery studio.  Bob, the studio cat, has a new furnace (emphasis on 'fur')  (sorry), and it's nice and warm.  The Big Cartel site now has a lot more posts of pottery, since the uploading frenzy of the last week (where I wasn't able to figure out how to make the functions of image choice work on my computer, and decided to download a BC app to my phone.)  Everything keeps getting smaller and smaller.  

Rovin, the clay manufacturer up in Ann Arbor, now, is not yet making the clay body that I normally use (RO82-M), fired to cone 2, so I am about to buy some of the Standard (out of Pittsburg) clay which they are carrying, and test it.  The problem with this is that I did, actually, test three clay bodies from Standard, about 10 years ago, and wasn't interested in using them, at the time. The tests showed problems.  I eventually made tiles for the top of the big desk in my studio, but didn't buy more clay, at the time.  Now I need to do tests, again, and be more specific.  

Thanks to everyone who purchased the sock-inspired mugs, decorated by Cathy, Lynn, and me!! We, along with the donations for Sylvania Area Family Services, were able to make a huge donation to SAFS!!  Hurray!!

Stay calm, love your dear ones, work hard at what you love to do, and, as my brother always says, take a walk every day, and drink your water!  
This is the view north from our dear neighbors' front door, where we had Thanksgiving dinner!  Be well!