Thursday, June 21, 2012

Everything's all packed---

some of these boxes go back a ways....

new pattern and mug shape
 All the pots are loaded into their boxes, and Bruce and I will pack them into the van this evening.  Tomorrow our neighbors, Jared, Steven and Raymond Bieber, will help us unload the van, and then unload the pots.  I'll have to decide where they go (something I never really know!  It always seems enough that I get them made.  Now, I have to arrange them on the shelves in display, too!!!...)
unloading the kiln; a little 4-legged tub decorated by Juliana

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Fair of the Season!

matted mini tiles


candle holders (finished, in front, glazed but undecorated or fired, behind)

succulent wall tile
Yikes, am I ever ready?  The Toledo June fair, locally known as Crosby Gardens Festival of the Arts, begins this Friday evening at six p.m., though there are always early arrivals---I am unloading a kiln this evening, and packing all the pots in the studio.  Tomorrow my friend, Pat Ligibel, will come over to help finish the unloading, sanding of the pots' bottoms, and pricing.  Today, Pat McGlauchlin helped Bruce and me set up the tent and shelving.  And more help is on the way!  I'm really grateful for all the help, Thanks, everybody!!!!  since, this year, I had hip replacement surgery about three weeks ago, and, though I no longer walk with a rolling gait, I still am not fully recovered!  I've been working on some different ways to present work: little tiles have been matted, and I took advantage of an idea being marketed by Aftosa--hanging succulent boxes.  We'll see how they go---more photos, tomorrow.