Monday, November 2, 2009

More about the Rabbits~~

I have a new person working with me in the studio--Sheri Bieber--she lives just down the road to the west of me, and is learning about the pottery business! Of course we spend a lot of time talking, but we work, as well---here she is, cutting clay mini-slabs to be pressed into the bok choy plaster cast, which are then used as ears on the rabbits. She has also been learning how to roll and cut the clay tiles, and has pugged clay with me. She has a good sense of working with the clay, and is not afraid of trying things on her own initiative! I know I'll be learning from her, as well as she, from me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

more about the garden rabbits:

After the rabbit forms are thrown, they are trimmed at the bottom end to remove the extra clay, then paddled and scraped smooth. They're then plopped on their side, with a small pinhole in the formerly bottom end, to allow some of the air to escape. This hole will be covered by a tail made from clay pressed into a plaster cast of a tree fungus which I made while we were living in Connecticut. The ears are pressed into a mold of bok choy, made at about the time I built my studio, in the mid-80's. Max the Cat holds down the other side of the worktable.