Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More from Rickye's garden--

starting the black outline

black outline and shading completed
In addition to the garlic that Rickye Heffner brought to me (and which I planted behind the studio   see link:  http://anntubbsmaiolicapottery.blogspot.com/2011/10/behind-my-studio.html), she also gave me some of her squash--she's a master gardener, and I decided to try one of the ornamental squashes as a decoration on the maiolica.  Here are two photos:  the first one is after the color, and just at the beginning of the black outlining; the second is after the outlining, and the additional color shadings.  I'll do more of this before I load the next glaze kiln, and then show the results.  (I also have a little tea cup that Sheri's mother-in-law, Flora, who was born in Canada, bought on one of her trips back to see her birthplace--and it will be the inspiration for a table----)