Friday, December 28, 2012

just before the studio sale---

Just before the studio sale in early December, I decided to 'twig' the two demi-lune tile sets.  It's an addition I learned from my friend Will Case-a jeweler in northern Michigan. I had been using a small drill bit to drill small holes, and then was nailing in small nails to hold the branches (wild cherry, apple) in place.  Bruce saw me struggling,  outside, in the cold, and said:  "why don't you use the pin gun  (works on compressed air, a Senco).  So, I did, being careful not to shoot a 'nail' into any of my fingers.  I also used some of the wild grape vines that I had been trying to cut out of the crabapple trees.  It's amazing how easy a job can be with the right tools.........Just be sure to follow proper safety standards!:  Eye protection, etc!