Monday, June 20, 2011

final touches

finishing the throwing of the top section

And, now, the final throwing---I throw the top section in and up to the height I want it to be (in relation to the bottom section), and then:

leaving a thicker rim (a)

pulling out the pouring spout (b)

refining the pouring spout (c)

pitchers finished, with handles, now drying (d)
While the top rim is freshly thrown (a), I gently and slowly pinch out the pouring spout, thinning it and curving it outward (b and c). Then I wrap the pot in plastic wrap (dry cleaner's bags) to retard the drying and to equalize the moisture content of the pot.  The handle is the last to be added, and I do this as soon as the rim is strong enough to support my pulling of the handle from its edge.