Saturday, September 28, 2013

summer fairs are over

Bruce and I have just unloaded the van, after the last outdoor fair.  Hard work.  But I love doing the fairs:  I get to talk with people (which I don't, working in my studio), and I get to hear their stories.  and what I hear are the most amazing stories--often of resilience, in the face of extremely hard times (theirs, as well as the state of health care and politics).  People who have had to leave a job because of health-related problems, which aren't fully being solved, and who now have to find more work, because they aren't old enough to 'retire', and people who, as artists, have had to stop doing one form of art, because of incredible physical impediments, so have figured out another way to work.  I am just amazed by the tenacity and ingenuity of all of us!