Saturday, September 29, 2012

Studio Repairs

shakes are going up on the gable end (to match the house)

Tar paper, before the cedar clapboards
After 25 or more years my studio is in need of repairs  ( OK, it's always in need of updates...)  and having replaced the crappy T-1-11 that was on the outside of the studio at least once (esp. on the west end, where the heavy weather hits, during the winter) the outside was in serious need of fixing-up!  This summer I purchased some cedar siding (clapboards) from a friend, and then hired the Bieber boys  (Jared, Raymond, and Steven) ' when they were little' to help stain them.  It was, of course, the summer from hell, at 104 degrees F., and we all were so hot we could hardly move, but we all managed to stain enough boards to redo parts of the outside, if not all.   (The boys  also helped scrape and stain the back side of the studio, not visible to incoming customers, but in need of re-staining!) so that that area will be the last to get an upgrade of new siding.)  Here are some photos of the work in progress for the west end, which should be finished before the snow flies.  I have only done the minimal amount of work this season  (hip replacement, and now an upper back injury, of old...) so I am very lucky to have had Bruce's expertise and his and the boys' labor!  These repairs are especially needed since the December studio sale will be out in the studio this year (and not in the house).  Things should be looking good for the sale and for the customers!