Thursday, October 22, 2020

a new site for sales: My Big Cartel

 With the help of my son, Pete, I have been setting up a sales site.  This year, as most of you know, there were no fairs, to speak of (all my big ones were cancelled, due to the pandemic).  And, yet, she persisted, in making pottery.  Well, I had accumulated orders.  So over the summer I began to photograph work and add it to the site    I still have a lot of work to post, and need to do a fair amount of tweaking, since I don't fully understand all of it  (a little different from the Etsy site). 

 I hope all of you, out there, are staying well, and safe, and are finding interesting things to do, and are helping each other.  

As my old friend, Richard Zakin, used to say, at the end of each letter:  "Be Well!"


  1. Hello Ann this is Rita Shields and I just wanted to let you know that as I poured coffee in my mug made by you for probably the $3,000 or more time how much I still love this mug Glad to see you're out there and getting a website cart built I also have done the same thing strange times we are living in I hope you are all doing well.

  2. Hi, Rita--so glad to connect with you--here and on facebook! (I guess I'm a little slow about checking the comments on the blog.....) I love your March Mug Month!