Friday, December 11, 2020

Dear Friends, 

First of all, I would like to thank you for your support for my sale in early October. It was wonderful!  You are the Best! As I said, then, I would not be having the usual studio sale in early December, which Margaret Mazur, and I have been doing for many years.  We are all adjusting to the covid climate which seems to be worsening, now, during the colder months.  I hope you are staying safe!  My December Studio Sale, however, has, of late, made an attempt to support the Sylvania Area Family Services.  In the past, I offered a 10% discount on your pottery purchases if you brought in any of the non-perishables listed on the SAFS website.  (Or, if you had forgotten, you still received the discount, then made the donation on your own—thanks!)  

     This year, I would like to go a little further.  I, with the encouragement and help of my son, Pete, have begun listing my work on an internet sales platform called BigCartel. I have a 3-part plan:  

  1. If you are interested in buying something from the BigCartel site, you will receive a 15% discount.  If you are local, please choose the local pick-up option.  (more on this, later.  Truthfully, the reason for the 15% discount is, in part, to get you to use the site, and then, to give me feedback!) (and did I Mention how much I don’t like to package pots to be mailed……). I trust you to make the donation on your own, either to SAFS or to an organization of your choice.  If you wish, and are picking up your purchase at my studio, you may also leave whatever non-perishable items with me, and I will deliver.  
  2. In addition, I have found that I have 14 small plates, thrown in the fall, which I worked into a final bisque firing.  They turned out to be slightly too small.   I have decided to glaze them as “poco piatte”, and I have put the image of an even smaller plate into the design.  Many have a depiction of a tiny dish with the Eiffel Tower and “Paris” on them—-a little dish Edith Franklin gave me many years ago.These plates will be identified on the Big Cartel site as “Small Plates”,, and are $40.00, each.  For that amount, you will receive a plate, at 15% off, and I will donate 1/2 of the original amount to SAFS.  In fact, in anticipation of these sales, I will be making the donation next week. And, just as a head's up, I called SAFS today, and was told that they are 40% above last year’s needs!  

I hope not to be too confusing, here.  (was there a third part/  Never mind~) As you know, my letters are usually short, with details of the sale (dates, times, location), but since everything is different, and because I know that times are, for some, quite desperate, I am proposing this slightly different plan.  

Does this make sense?  Do you have questions!?!? Have I left any thing out?

I have work, now, on both Etsy:—-mugs and 4” tiles, and on Big Cartel…   The 15% discount will apply to both sites. And it will last until the end of December.

But not everything in my studio has been listed. (perhaps this is part 3.)  If you want me to photograph the studio stock, let me know.  If you live in a state other that MI or OH , I will run the sale through the BigCartel because they will pay the sales tax. (Pete’s such a whiz!)

If you come to pick up, here are my Requirements:

  1. Wear your mask.  I have hand sanitizer and extra masks, if needed.
  2. I will bring your purchases to an outdoor table. 
  3. you may pay with a credit card (on the big cartel site—)
  4. or at the studio, with Square. Prepayment is preferred. 

I will not be inviting anyone into the Studio during these winter months.  I do not have a new, H-Vac furnace, or adequate ventilation.  Only Bob, the Cat.  It will be safer for all of us if we are outside. 

Be well!


Ann Tubbs

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