Friday, December 8, 2017

An Idea for a New Glaze Pattern--the Oak Leaf

The first pie plate

 A pie plate (part of an order) came out of the kiln that was unloaded the morning of the opening of the holiday studio sale (always the last minute, just one more load eagerness!), and I really liked the results.  I put it aside so it wouldn't be on the sale, since I had three other perfectly good pie plates for my customer.  When she came, however, she spotted the oak leaf one, and liked it best.  And since she is a good customer, and has a good eye, I let it go, taking a couple of photos, first.  The brown color I use for the leaf is an odd one, and I am not sure how to reproduce it.  Did I put some barnard clay into it?  Or some RIO?  Will I be able to reproduce it when it's gone?  You can see how much is left in the third photo:  it's the brown half-full container just behind the big platter, with the brush sticking out of it.  Maybe this will truly be a limited edition.  The brown breaks up, nicely, even though it looks dark and dense when I paint it on.  I also put some chartreuse, and a little copper carb., and sometimes some orange, on top.  The very outer edge of each of the pieces has a very pale yellow, and the decorative band has sage and leaf green leaves, with a little dot of ochre, and some chartreuse swirls.  I have been saving oak leaves for many years, and periodically use them as patterns.  This is the most successful, and repeatable rendition.

Finished work from the following kiln load.

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