Friday, September 2, 2011

setting the tiles

small unglazed strips used for spacing
vinyl mastic on the top of the coffee table

tiles are set into the mastic
each tile is numbered

Pat checks the spacing for each tile

After all of the tiles were fired, my friend, Pat Ligibel, came over to help me set them onto the table top (see the previous post).  We used a vinyl mastic that's appropriate for tiles in this setting.  First, we laid out the exact number of tiles, and checked that the spacing was adequate.  Pat suggested that I had the tiles too close together, so we eliminated the thin outer edge spacers, and rearranged the tiles, again.  Then we carefully removed the tiles, placing them in order onto the canvas work top.  The plywood coffee table top was then elevated onto the work table, and covered with a thin coat of the vinyl mastic.  Then we started with the outer edge (bull nosed) tiles, buttering the back, unglazed area of each tile and pressing it into the mastic on the table top.  After the edge tiles, the center 4 by 4's were buttered and adhered (each tile had been numbered after the bisque, and before the waxing of the tile proceeding the glazing). Filler strips and little tiny squares were added last.  Now the top has been drying for several days. When it's completely set up, I'' put the top onto the base and we will grout it----

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