Friday, September 23, 2011

my Icon class--St. Max

I've been taking an icon class with Carol Lehmann, taught by Juliana Clendenin, out in Metamora (Juliana studied under Philip Davydov, in Jordanville, NY this summer.)  We worked with ground earth colors (not unlike those I work with in maiolica) and mixed them with egg yolk for an egg tempera.  I decided to do Max, the studio kitty, making my icon slightly irreverent.  Here are some of the stages of the process.  It's very time-consuming!  I worked with small brushes, and layered on various 'glazes' made with the egg yolk and the ground earth colors.The gold aura was put on very early in the design process/layering, and will brighten once the whole piece is lacquered (which can't be done until the piece has dried). More of the stages of painting will follow in the next post.

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