Wednesday, January 12, 2011

winter snow

The white snow outside and the white glaze inside the studio --- a sympathetic, seasonal coloration.  I've unloaded one bisque kiln and am loading up another.  The pieces from the first kiln have been dipped into water, and then glaze, and now need to be gone over in detail to fix the pinholes and fingermarks and drips.  It's probably my least favorite of all of the processes and I often find other jobs to do, just to get out of the studio and avoid the fixing part.  This afternoon, after I went skiing, I pruned some of the sucker branches from an old crab apple tree.  I have an idea for a plate holder, and I think I can use the branches as side pieces, instead of dowels. And, now, in another clever avoidance technique, I'm working on the blog instead of on the glaze.

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