Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's not Oklahoma, but........

the edge tiles

corner edge tile for the hexagonal table

numbering system for table tiles

hexagonal table
I'm firing a glaze kiln, and decided to take the thermometer out to the studio  (never a good idea; I'll get too depressed) to see just how hot it really was.  It was hot!!! about 110F.   Though a little cooler if you lay down on the floor.  -heat rises, you know.....Whew!  And that's why I don't keep a thermometer out in the studio anymore.  During the winter, it's toasty, but now, in the middle of a heat wave, it's just plain hot!  Still, I have to do some work out there. I threw 3 bowls, made 2 large and 3 small slab platters, a 4-legged bowl, a casserole, and threw 2 bottoms for more large pitchers.  This weekend I go off to another fair, and I want work to dry enough so that I can do a bisque as soon as I get back.  There's a lot of raw ware waiting on the shelves, but I thought I could turn out a few more pieces.  I am also setting up tiles for a hexagonal table---each tile is numbered before it's waxed and glazed, and extra little edge pieces are done generically, then fitted in after the firing.


  1. Yikes thats hot! You need to make sure to take plenty of fluids and watch yourself working in such high temperatures. I sometimes find when the kilns firing it can get quite airless too.

  2. Thanks--I do drink a LOT of water, and spray water on the back of my neck, and sometimes stick a bare foot into a bucket of water (2 if I'm sitting down). You're right about the airlessness--and dryness, too. I don't usually work in the studio when the kiln is so hot, but sometimes I just have to get something done. Then it feels cool (96F) when I go outside. :-D

  3. I love your tiled work, Ann! This, the other table that you showed, and some of your earlier wall art are beautiful. Keep cool and say hello to Bruce for me!