Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who helped make the studio/house tour and sale so successful!  Both the holiday sale in the house, and, the following weekend,  the studio and gallery tour (part of Sylvania Arts Commission's brainstorm) went very well, and we missed the snowstorm!  which came along the day after the tour was over.  Indigo Fleming-Powers did the wonderful baked 'finger food' delicacies for our Holiday sale---here are some photos of her display, and of her parents helping with the last minute details of set-up.  (Her mom, Denise, used to help Marcia Derse and me set up for our holiday sales---and, believe me, I always need all the help I can get!  For some reason, I seem to think it's quite enough simply to make all the pots, and get them from the studio into the house -- after having cleaned everything out of the downstairs.....)

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  1. Your home show was lovely, Ann. And it was a great excuse to see you & Bruce again (and Janet) again! I'm loving the mug I bought; it's just the right size!