Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Saturday Night in the Provinces, (with an apology to Utah Phillips.....

where ever he might be--I loved his music and humor!)   I have loaded my kiln, and am working on tables which will be tiled,  eventually.  I have an oak one, which I stripped and am painting yellow  (prime coats by Sheri Bieber and her sons!), and some metal ones, which don't get stripped, but which have their durock panel glued into the center, and are being painted.  While the paint dries, I am inspired to get out the fuzzy chicken which we are going to send to our niece, Becca, now starting college in Sterling, Colorado.  She needed a little work ---the chicken, not Becca!  (new batteries), and some stitching maintenance--a well-loved gift from Bruce's students, now finding a new home!

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