Thursday, June 3, 2010

thie fired version of the mask

Here is the fired mask, with maiolica additions.  Some of the images on the bottom right are from sketches I made in Italy several years ago.  The clay body is a high fire stoneware which I would have rakued, or cold smoked, but  decided to save for other possibilities. 
Tomorrow  I am off to set up at the Old West End Fair for this weekend; Sheri Bieber is helping me set up tomorrow, and I will be at the fair Saturday and Sunday.  It's the first fair of the season.  I think I would rather be in the studio decorating bowls for the next kiln firing......but I love being able to talk to people at the fair!  I have gotten all the pots into boxes, with Sheri's help, and now have the boxes loaded into the van.  (along with the tent, shelves, tool kit, tent weights and stakes, merchant services paperwork, newspaper and sacks for wrapping all those sales!. display aids. signage, etc., etc.   Meanwhile, I listen to the latest efforts of BP oil to cap or control the oil gushing in the Gulf.  My job is miniscule compared to that.

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